22. Resource Version (R)


22.1. Cardinality


Occurrence: 1

22.2. Definition and Usage Instruction

Depening on the resource type this property is used to indicate

  • the version number of a dataset or software
  • the status in the publication process of journal articles.


For software and dataset resources any string will be accepted, but a semantically-versioned tag is recommended. See <https://semver.org> for more information on semantic versioning.

For preprints and articles in the journal publishing process a controlled term must be used from the “Journal Article Versions (JAV): Recommendations of the NISO/ALPSP JAV Technical Working Group” (JAV). In tis case the property must include the attribute ‘uri’. The value of the property is the corresponding label of the HTTP URI.

22.2.1. Property version (R, 1)

Use either a version number or the label of the vocabulary term as value.

22.2.2. Attribute uri (MA)

Allowed HTTP URI are from the COAR Version Types Vocabulary.

Version (controlled):

conceptURI label comment
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_b1a7d7d4d402bcce AO Author’s Original
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_71e4c1898caa6e32 SMUR Submitted Manuscript Under Review
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_ab4af688f83e57aa AM Accepted Manuscript
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_fa2ee174bc00049f P Proof
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_970fb48d4fbd8a85 VoR Version of Record
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_e19f295774971610 CVoR Corrected Version of Record
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_dc82b40f9837b551 EVoR Enhanced Version of Record
http://purl.org/coar/version/c_be7fb7dd8ff6fe43 NA Not Applicable (or Unknown)

22.3. Example

<oaire:version uri="http://purl.org/coar/version/c_be7fb7dd8ff6fe43">AM</oaire:version>