18. License Condition (R)


18.1. Cardinality


Occurrence: 1

18.2. Definition and Usage Instruction

DCMI Definition

Information about license rights held in and over the resource.

Usage Instruction

Typically, a rights element will contain a rights management statement for the access or use of the object, or reference a service providing such information. Rights information often encompasses Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Copyright, and various Property Rights. It is preferred to refer to a rights service where the reuse rights are made clear to the end-user by using a URL. For example the Creative Commons organisation has created URIs for their different licences in the different jurisdictions. This can be applied to create machine readable usage licenses.

18.2.1. Property licenseCondition (R, 1)

Use the name of the license as value.

18.2.2. Attribute uri (MA)

The URL provides the location where the license can be read. With creative common licenses the type of license can be recognized in the URL name itself. A pro for having the license point to an URL in this way, is that this is machine readable.

18.2.3. Attribute startDate (MA)

This attribute indicates the date when the license comes into effect. Recommended best practice for encoding the date value is defined in a profile of ISO 8601 [W3CDTF] and follows the YYYY-MM-DD format.

18.3. Example

<!-- example 1 -->
<oaire:licenseCondition startDate="2019-02-01" uri="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial</oaire:licenseCondition>