15. Access Rights (M)


15.1. Cardinality


Occurrence: 1

15.2. Definition and Usage Instruction

Access right of the resource.

Information about the right or mode the resource can be accessed. If the metadata describe more than one resource, e.g. fulltext and supplementary material, the access right of the main resource should be provided.

Use terms from the COAR Access Right Vocabulary (occurrence: 1).

conceptURI label
http://purl.org/coar/access_right/c_abf2 open access
http://purl.org/coar/access_right/c_f1cf embargoed access
http://purl.org/coar/access_right/c_16ec restricted access
http://purl.org/coar/access_right/c_14cb metadata only access


Unlike DataCite, OpenAIRE restricts the use of this property to indicate the access right.

Do Not Confuse With


15.2.1. Property accessRights (M, 1)

Use the label of the vocabulary term as value.

15.2.2. Attribute uri (M)

Use the conceptURI of the vocabulary term.

15.3. Example

<datacite:rights rightsURI="http://purl.org/coar/access_right/c_abf2">open access</datacite:rights>