4. Funding Reference (MA)


4.1. Cardinality

Mandatory if applicable

Occurrence: 0-n

4.2. Definition and Usage Instruction

Information about financial support (funding) for the resource being registered.

Usage Instruction

An authoritative list of projects is exposed by OpenAIRE through OAI-PMH (DEPRECATED, since January 2021 and see more detailed information here) and REST as documented at http://api.openaire.eu, and available for all repository managers. Values include the project name and project ID. The projectID equals the Grant Agreement identifier or Award number.


  • introduced as info:eu-repo/grantAgreement in previous versions of the OpenAIRE Guidelines
  • adopting fundingReference element and subproperties from DataCite MetadataKernel v4.1 which replaces the info:eu-repo/grantAgreement syntax.
  • adding subproperty fundingStream to this application profile

4.2.1. Property fundingReference (MA, 0-n)

Repeat this property to indicate several different funders and projects.

4.2.2. Subproperty funderName (M)

Name of the funding provider (occurrence: 1). Mandatory if FundingReference is used.

4.2.3. Subproperty funderIdentifier (R)

Unique identifier of the funding entity (occurrence: 0-1). Attribute funderIdentifiertype (R)

Type of the unique identifier of the funding entity (occurrence: 0-1).

Controlled list values

  • ISNI
  • GRID
  • Crossref Funder
  • ROR

see also Crossref Funder Registry

4.2.4. Subproperty fundingStream (O)

Name of the funding stream (optional) (occurrence: 0-1).

4.2.5. Subproperty awardNumber (MA)

Project grantId or awardNumber (occurrence: 1). Attribute awardURI (R)

URI of the project landing page provided by the funder for more information about the award (grant) (occurrence: 0-1).

4.2.6. Subproperty awardTitle (R)

Title of the project, award or grant (occurrence: 0-1).

4.3. Example

Examples utilizing all fields:

   <oaire:funderIdentifier funderIdentifierType="ISNI">http://www.isni.org/isni/0000000106723101</oaire:funderIdentifier>
   <oaire:fundingStream>International short research visits</oaire:fundingStream>
   <oaire:awardNumber awardURI="http://p3.snf.ch/project-151094">151094</oaire:awardNumber>
   <oaire:awardTitle>Amygdala fMRI and social cognition in patients with unilateral MTLE and Urbach-Wiethe disease</oaire:awardTitle>