3. Contributor (MA)


3.1. Cardinality

Mandatory if applicable

Occurrence: 0-n

3.2. Definition and Usage Instruction

The institution or person responsible for collecting, managing, distributing, or otherwise contributing to the development of the resource.

Do Not Confuse With


3.2.1. Property contributor (MA, 0-n)

3.2.2. Attribute contributorType (M)

The type of contributor of the resource (occurrence: 1). Mandatory if contributor is used.

Controlled list values

  • ContactPerson
  • DataCollector
  • DataCurator
  • DataManager
  • Distributor
  • Editor
  • HostingInstitution
  • Producer
  • ProjectLeader
  • ProjectManager
  • ProjectMember
  • RegistrationAgency
  • RegistrationAuthority
  • RelatedPerson
  • Researcher
  • ResearchGroup
  • RightsHolder
  • Sponsor
  • Supervisor
  • WorkPackageLeader
  • Other

and additionally to the DataCite contributor types above is the controlled vocabulary Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT) from National Information Standards Organization (NISO) with additionally

  • Conceptualization
  • FormalAnalysis
  • FundingAcquisition
  • Investigation
  • Methodology
  • Validation
  • Visualization

3.2.3. Subproperty contributorName (M)

The name of the contributor (occurrence: 1). Mandatory if Contributor is used. Attribute nameType (R)

The type of name (occurrence: 0-1).

Controlled list values

  • Organizational
  • Personal

3.2.4. Subproperty familyName (O)

The surname or last name of the contributor (occurrence: 0-1).

3.2.5. Subproperty givenName (O)

The personal or first name of the contributor (occurrence: 0-1).

3.2.6. Subproperty nameIdentifier (R)

Uniquely identifies an individual or legal entity, according to various schemes (occurrence: 0-n). Attribute nameIdentifierScheme (M)

The name of the name identifier scheme (occurrence: 1). Mandatory if nameIdentifier is used. Attribute schemeURI (R)

The URI of the name identifier scheme (occurrence: 0-1).

3.2.7. Subproperty affiliation (R)

The organisational or institutional affiliation of the contributor.

3.3. Example

          <datacite:contributorName>Evans, R. J.</datacite:contributorName>
          <datacite:contributorName>International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium</datacite:contributorName>