Application Profile OverviewΒΆ

The properties of the Application Profile for OpenAIRE Institutional and Thematic Repository Guidelines are listed in this section. The following requirement levels for the metadata properties are used:

Mandatory (M)
The property must always be present in the metadata. An empty value for the property is not allowed.
Mandatory if Applicable (MA)
When the property value can be obtained it must be present in the metadata
Recommended (R)
The use of the property is recommended
Optional (O)
It is not important whether the property is used or not, but if used it may provide complementary information about the resource

This documentation uses the following namespace abbreviations:

OpenAIRE-Field Metadata Element Refinement by Vocabulary
Title (M) datacite:title title type
Creator (M) datacite:creator name type
Contributor (MA) datacite:contributor
Funding Reference (MA) oaire:fundingReference funderIdentifier type
Alternate Identifier (R) datacite:alternateIdentifier alternateIdentifier type
Related Identifier (R) datacite:relatedIdentifier
Embargo Period Date (MA) datacite:date date type
Language (MA) dc:language IETF BCP 47, ISO 639-3
Publisher (MA) dc:publisher  
Publication Date (M) datacite:date date type
Resource Type (M) oaire:resourceType COAR Resource Type Vocabulary
Description (MA) dc:description  
Format (R) dc:format  
Resource Identifier (M) datacite:identifier identifier type
Access Rights (M) datacite:rights COAR Access Right Vocabulary
Source (R) dc:source  
Subject (MA) datacite:subject  
License Condition (R) oaire:licenseCondition  
Coverage (R) dc:coverage  
Size (O) datacite:size  
Geo Location (O) datacite:geoLocation  
Resource Version (R) oaire:version COAR Version Vocabulary
File Location (MA) oaire:file COAR Access Right Vocabulary
Citation Title (R) oaire:citationTitle  
Citation Volume (R) oaire:citationVolume  
Citation Issue (R) oaire:citationIssue  
Citation Start Page (R) oaire:citationStartPage  
Citation End Page (R) oaire:citationEndPage  
Citation Edition (R) oaire:citationEdition  
Citation Conference Place (R) oaire:citationConferencePlace  
Citation Conference Date (R) oaire:citationConferenceDate  
Audience (O) dcterms:audience  

The application profile is implemented in XML Schema. The files for the application profile and sample XML files are part of these Guidelines and also available on the GitHub repository.

In the XML metadata documents the schema must be declared as follows:

<resource xmlns:rdf=""